Sponsors | Rockhampton River Festival

thank you to our 2021 sponsors 

If you would like to be a sponsor for the 2022 Rockhampton River Festival please email riverfestival@rrc.qld.gov.au to discuss available opportunities for your business. 


Naming Rights Sponsor

Bravus Mining & Resources is an Australian company, operating under Australian law, paying taxes and royalties here. They are dedicated to creating jobs and opportunities for regional Queensland communities.


Major Partner 

The Queensland Government is proud to support the Bravus Rockhampton River Festival through Tourism and Events Queensland’s Destination Events Program and it is a feature on our It’s Live! in Queensland events calendar.  


Quay Stage Sponsor 

There is a different way of doing business, where each project designed and implemented promotes sustainable development from all three perspectives: environmental, economic and social.

Our goal: To make a positive contribution to society and to the planet, providing sustainable solutions to the most urgent issues such as global warming and water scarcity.


Fireworks Sponsor

The team at Mr Real Estate Rockhampton are all things real estate all the time. Our focus is on you and your needs, our passion is to help you achieve your goals. What was once a small start-up has grown into a highly energetic, quality service based agency which rivals leading agencies.


River Fish Workshop Sponsor

Fitzroy Partnership for River Health was formed in 2012 and includes organisations from government, industry, research and community who all have an interest in the health of waterways across the Fitzroy Basin. Partners share a common goal to provide a more complete picture of river health. They achieve this by providing funding, resources and water monitoring data, used by us to complete annual report cards that are accessible to everyone.



Event Sponsor 

Stanwell Corporation is a Queensland Government owned energy company.
We are a major provider of electricity to Queensland, the National Electricity Market and large energy users, our customers, throughout Australia. At Stanwell, we understand that our ability to generate electricity is, in large part, dependent on the support of the communities in which we operate, so we work directly with community leaders to help them achieve the priorities which are most important to their regions.
Rookwood Weir is a landmark project that will capture valuable water in the lower Fitzroy River for use across the region. Building Rookwood Weir will:
  • provide water security
  • boost the regional economy
  • create jobs during construction
  • grow and diversify industry and agriculture
  • allow for the buying and selling of water.


Media Partners



The Rockhampton River Festival is brought to you by Rockhampton Regional Council and presented by Advance Rockhampton with the support of naming rights sponsor Bravus Mining & Resources. The Queensland Government is proud to support the Rockhampton River Festival through Tourism and Events Queensland’s Destination Events Program and it is a feature on the It’s Live! in Queensland events calendar.