Le Coup

Le Coup

Le Coup is a late night neo-vaudville. An homage to 1920’s carnivale, faded glamour, and music hall revue. Film noir with a touch of eyes wide shut. The world is the underground speakeasy, the secret backroom soiree. A place where the hard hitting travelling entertainer clashes with the glamour of high society. The debaucherous underground and the rollicking revelry. Risk, dare, dance and succeed. Daring feats and desires with a starry-eyed chorus. A fleeting moment where there’s nothing to lose and everything to gamble. Go all in, let your hair down and take a shot.

Company 2 is a performing arts company striving to create work that enables us to grow as artists, pushing our art form and captivating audiences. Contemporary circus that is full of heart, created with passion and engaging with fellow artists who wish to do the same.


o Friday 13th July 7.30pm show

o Saturday 14th July 7.30pm show

o Sunday 15th July 7.30pm show

o Tuesday 17th July 7.30pm show

o Wednesday 18th July 7.30pm show

o Thursday 19th July 7.30pm show

o Friday 20th July 7.30pm show

o Saturday 21st July 7.30pm show

Where: Customs House


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