A World of Dark Comedy

A World of Dark Comedy

Short comedy films from all over the world, that really push the boundaries!

Come explore 'the bad, wrong & diabolical films, that are just wonderfully engaging!'

Welcome to 'A World of Dark Comedy 4'. Short Filmmakers from around the world bring us their amazing tales of ‘human life’ on this, our planet. “Oh, the humanity!”

See:  the mayhem of waiting for death; grandiose plays in politics; the importance of ‘tipping’; why health is important to ones being;  or, when the last ‘man’ dies.  And much more...

In this, the 4th edition of World of Dark Comedy, we get to see our world curiously at the edge  of ‘disasters’.

Is it bleak, cruel… or, a downer? Nope. More like 14 amazing filmmakers delivering the foibles of humanity, all with big, wicked smiles.  

So, come laugh. After all… “Those who laugh at themselves, never run out of things to laugh at.”  (…said someone….)

A World of Dark Comedy is Rated 18+.

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What do the critics say?

This is world class! Well done!

Great stories and a different side of comedy. See you at the Oscars!

Good length, diverse variety.

Very well made films, well arranged.

Awesome as always.

Some memorable & some shocking.

Great films, Awesome line up! Love, love, love!

Amazingly good - and I have been before!

The level of filmmaking, scripting & performances are extraordinary – all, were very good.

WHERE CAN I SEE A World of dark comedy FILMS?

There will be one exclusive screening at the Walter Reid Cultural Centre on Derby Street, Saturday 27 July.

A World of Dark Comedy is Rated 18+. 

WHERE CAN I GET TICKETS TO a world of dark comedy?

This is a free program - no tickets necessary.