Vibrant and with a striking stage presence, Straycutter cuts through conventional tropes of musicians, showcasing classic 70s rock numbers through to lyrical, well-loved contemporary music with her electronic violin and special effects.

Straycutter has always had a love for the arts. You’ll either find her at a local dance class, playing her violin out in public, or enjoying a jam session with the family. She has a fairly broad musical background, ranging from country, jazz, folk, funk, gospel, swing, square dance, soul, dance music (1920s-1950s), soft rock (1970s-1980s), hard rock (ACDC, Cream), contemporary- through to classical, big band, acapella and musical theatre.

Inheriting her great grandfather’s violin at the age of eight has led her on a musical journey of discovery. With over 13 years of playing experience, she has achieved certificates in AMEB Grade 8 (violin), AMEB Grade 6 (Piano) and is currently studying a Bachelor of Music in Melbourne.

Straycutter has had various opportunities to work with community members with differing individual needs. As a freelance musician, she has volunteered her services in a variety of settings such as: aged care; psychiatric hospitals; residential facilities; community organisations; civic events; churches; libraries; and multicultural events.

She has also had the opportunity to work alongside some incredible musicians and be involved in a variety of projects including a celtic, rock and folk band. Straycutter continues to explore the violin in new and exciting ways and is passionate about making people feel good through her music.