Chavez Cartel


Straight off their UK tour and with testimonials like these from their new EP ’Man’s Best Friend’, Chavez Cartel are not to be missed.


“'Man's Best Friend' is beyond superlatives (although to be honest I've plundered my reserves in trying): it is a scything, eviscerating slice of pure rock'n'roll that roams and plunders the sonic landscapes at will and delivers something completely fresh and unique: cathartic filthy rock that is a pleasure to wallow in.” – Backseat Mafia


“Chavez Cartel even sound like a band that would be found in Arizona, where Breaking Bad is set, or any such dusty, harsh state: they would swagger onstage in some godforsaken bar, armed with their dirty rock anthems, and powerfully stir the patrons from their slumber.


Their sound is gritty and alluring, and there’s also a notable cinematic quality to the EP – it’s not difficult to imagine hearing some of these songs soundtrack a thrilling action sequence or two.” - TONE DEAF


“Opening with swirling textures, affable beats and crisp guitars, Midnight Skies evolves into a pulsing cinematic rock dream, like a vintage Camaro tearing through a dark and dusky desert.” – AMNplify