Food and Markets

This year's festival boasts the return of the beloved Flavours of the World, offering a culinary journey through various cuisines like Thai, German, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian, and Hungarian. Situated in front of the Tunuba Main Stage, it promises an aromatic and flavourful experience.

For those craving a caffeine boost or indulgent treats, numerous food vendors await throughout the festival grounds, with a central hub in the Shipyard Zone featuring loaded spuds, churros, gelato, and more.

Adding to the excitement is the debut of Market Village, located between Derby and Williams Streets. With over 35 stallholders offering handmade jewellery, leather accessories, spices, sweets, and even pet accessories, there's something for everyone in this exclusive zone.

A key part of this year’s River Festival Community Arts Program, the Artist Collective aims to highlight and celebrate the local arts community with 20 local artists selling their creative works on Quay Street, Saturday 27 July. 

In a bid to combat fast fashion, the festival introduces Thrift It, a sustainable marketplace nestled within the Artist Collective Zone on Sunday 28 July. Encouraging mindful consumerism, Thrift It celebrates sustainable choices and the goodwill behind them, inviting attendees to unearth hidden fashion treasures and make a positive impact, one pre-loved piece at a time.