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Painting of a Chihuahua with a tequila bottle and prickly pear - Michelle Taranto - Arco Iris Interiors

Michelle Taranto

Michelle Taranto, an emerging and vibrant force in the Australian art scene, embarked on her creative journey in 2021, establishing her home studio in the coastal town Yeppoon, Queensland. As the visionary behind 'Arco Iris Interiors,' Michelle brings to life a kaleidoscope of original artworks, with dreams of expanding her palette into fashion and interior design, captivating the hearts of those who revel in colourful, eclectic, and maximalist aesthetics.

Her creations are a testament to her boundless spirit, infused with the hues of the Latin American rainbow, a nod to her youthful adventures in her twenties. Drawing from her lush collection of tropical flora and cacti, her beloved four-legged companions, the whimsy of everyday life and a self-taught skill set, Michelle's work transcends boundaries, from abstract botanicals to soulful canine portraits, often blending the two into delightful and unexpected compositions.

In October 2023, Michelle's debut solo exhibition, 'Happy At Home,' transformed the Fig Tree Galleries into a sanctuary of joy and wonder, leaving an indelible mark on the Yeppoon community. Her artistic prowess was further affirmed when she obtained the First Prize in the Easel Works Section of the prestigious Martin Hanson Art Awards for her captivating self-portrait, 'Modern Mother.' With each brushstroke, Michelle Taranto continues to spread light and colour, igniting passion and delight in all who encounter her work.

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