The Bubble Canteen

Bubble Canteen at Rockhampton River Festival

Welcome to The Bubble Canteen, a magical installation where the air sparkles with 12,000 bubbles each minute; a world of wonder and delight, capturing and connecting directly to the hearts of your audience.

Crafted by the imaginative hands of Beryl, Annie, and Helga—three charming golden spinster sisters from Dublin—The Bubble Canteen is more than just an attraction; it's a vibrant celebration of creativity and joy. These spirited sisters infuse every bubble with whimsy and warmth, inviting all who visit to connect with the installation and each other. Designed with inclusivity at its core, The Bubble Canteen offers an entirely visual experience free from language barriers. Here, every shimmering bubble tells a story, and every visitor can share in the magic regardless of age or background. It's a place where the simple joy of a floating bubble can evoke profound feelings of happiness, wonder, and awe.

Celebrated as "pure magic" at its debut for Brisbane Festival 2023 and set to dazzle at Rockhampton River Festival; The Bubble Canteen is not just an exhibit—it is an experience that reaches out, and invites you to return time and again to its captivating embrace.


"Fabulous! Thank you for bringing pure magic to our festival! An absolute hit and a must for any festival or event in the country!"

Brisbane Festival, QLD 


"Brilliantly Phenomenal - our audiences were in awe!"

The Red Earth Arts Festival, WA


"The Bubble Canteen was a festival highlight that audiences flocked to through-out the weekend - dolling up generous servings of fun of joy amid 12,000 bubbles per minute!"

The 2024 Fremantle International Street Arts Festival , WA

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The Bubble Canteen will be performing at Rockhampton  River Festival on Denham Street.