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Painting of a bloodhound on timber board - RQAS - Margaret Russell Artwork

RQAS Rockhampton

Members of the Royal Qld Art Society Rockhampton Branch Inc paint in many different media and styles concentrating mainly on realism and impressionism. All work are original and unique.

Margaret Russell

My name is Margaret Russell and I am a realist artist who is inspired by detail and design. I paint for pleasure and a need for creative expression and feel a sense of satisfaction when others enjoy my work. Although my medium of choice is oil paint, I also enjoy graphite, coloured pencil and ink work. Inspiration for my work comes from my photographs and the natural world around me.

Heather Bull

Heather Bull, a renowned local artist residing in Rockhampton, has left an indelible mark on the artistic landscape of Central Queensland. Born and raised in Springsure, after moving to Rockhampton in the 1980s, Heather’s passion for art ignited after being invited to an art class by her sister and well-known local artist, Coral Morris. Once Heather first dipped her brushes into the vibrant world of oil painting, she has not looked back.

Heather’s artistic muse lies in the breathtaking landscapes and serene vistas around the Central Queensland region including the Moores Creek/Kershaw Gardens, through to the majestic coastline stretching from Yeppoon to Emu Park. Heather’s canvases are imbued with the essence of the region that she calls home. Each stroke of her brush is a testament to her deep connection to the natural beauty that surrounds her. Through her art she invites viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of Central Queensland, inviting them on a visual journey through its hidden gems and picturesque landscapes.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Heather is deeply involved in the artistic community. As a life member of the Royal Queensland Art Society, she has played a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant artistic culture within the region. Heather’s work has been showed in numerous exhibitions held in Rockhampton , with her art being a true celebration of the natural wonders that surround us.

Paige Groves

Paige Groves is a Rockhampton based artist that enjoys painting with watercolour, gauche and pastels. Her paintings include a range of subjects including: animals, portraits and flowers. Paige finds inspiration in the people and environment around her. 

Margaret Naumann

Margaret was born in Armidale NSW and grew up in a large family being one of eight children. With plenty of instant playmates, her childhood was full of fun, games and companionship.

Margaret believes her creative side was given to her by her Grandma who encouraged Margaret to sit with her and do fancywork while she crocheted.

Margaret’s early working life centred in and around Sydney from where she often visited the Blue Mountains to explore and hike. While working at a children’s home near Sydney she would on occasion take a group of children with her.

Lynette Howard

Born and raised in Mackay Lyn started her teaching career there and over the years taught in many Central Queensland towns. In the early seventies she put down roots in Rockhampton where her two daughters were born.

Towards the end of a long career in education Lyn took her first tentative steps into art. It didn’t take her long to realise that whilst this ‘art’ is addictive there are more questions than there appear to be answers.

Lyn soon realised that, for her, the best thing to do was to paint on her own and ‘just have a go’. Trying to develop her own style was full of red herrings. Just when she thought she was onto something Lyn would realise that it was all wrong. She discovered that the first thing she needed to do was to focus on the composition and get the drawing right. Developing her art practice using a variety of media has been her mail focus for many years.

Over the years Lyn has had stints at TAFE, participated in many weekend workshops and visited many art galleries to help herself grow as an artist.

Three mantras are now guide her practice.

  • Paint what interests you. Lyn always paints places or things which she has witnessed and experienced. Doing this ensures that you have a connection to the painting.
  • Learn from the masters. Realise that you will never be as good so appreciate what talent can really achieve. Be kind to yourself and laugh at your shortcomings. You are what you are so be at peace.
  • Listen to your grandkids. They are the most honest critics you will ever have.

Five years ago a lifelong interest in whittling became more than an interest. Having visited and observed hand carvers in Japan and Barvaria it was time to start.

With the aid of library books and much experimentation her first piece was created. A piece of silky oak cut from and old window frame was successfully whittled into a spoon.

Spoons of all shapes and sizes were made from different types of wood. Then followed broaches and pendants.

Lyn has also carved ‘Relief’ pieces such as a sunflower, arum lily, cat, platypus and elephant’s head.

Her most recent piece is a 3D pear which has been entered in the Bayton Award.

She most recently attended a weekend wood carving workshop with as tutor in Canberra.

Lyn is keen to continue to further develop her painting and wood carving practices.