Nancy Liddle

Close up painting of a dog's face - Nancy Liddle Artist

I am a self-taught artist working in acrylic, pastel, and ink, on stretched canvas or paper. I began painting full-time over a year ago and have now produced over 150 paintings.

I have done series on gannets fishing in Shetland, another of my three dogs at play, an anti-war series called "Collateral Damage" and am working now on two projects - one is for a 2025 calendar of iconic local buildings in Mount Morgan and the other is memories from letters I wrote while I lived and worked in Turkey in the 90s as a teacher.

Since retirement art has flowed from the brush and I count myself very fortunate to have both the time and space to create works from the heart. Several pieces have been sold to Australians and to folk in America and Ireland.

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