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The Shipyard Stage on Saturday, July 27th won’t know what hit it when Whiskey Lips arrive!

With boundless energy, and gritty vocals, Whiskey Lips has been a cornerstone of the Blues/Roots/Rock scene for nearly two decades.

As they gear up for the release of their fourth independent album, the band continues to forge connections with audiences through their guitar-driven, harmonica-infused performances.

This year, Whiskey Lips has partnered with Orange Sky, an Australian charity providing mobile laundry and shower facilities to people experiencing homelessness, in a fundraising campaign.

Whiskey Lips doesn't just play music; they tell real stories straight from the heart.

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About the performance

When is whiskey lips performing?

What stage is whiskey lips on?

Shipyard Stage, on Quay Street.

How much are tickets?

Entry to the Rockhampton River Festival is FREE.