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Don't miss The Vultures as they hit the Tunuba Stage at the Rockhampton River Festival 2024 on Sunday, July 28th!

Formed by Liam Bowditch and Joe Bon MacPhail in 2013, they honed their craft touring and releasing EPs and singles that earned critical acclaim.

In 2022, The Vultures unleashed ‘Escobar’, garnering over 160k streams, along with three Gold Coast Music Award nominations.

Their music videos for 'If You Only Knew Your Way' and 'Conversations' hit MTV Australia, and featured across Happy Mag, Pilerats, Milky, and The Music.

Now, with Blair Condon and Aiden Ossovani joining the fold, The Vultures are ready to deliver their best rock shows yet, and you will see just that at Rockhampton River Festival!

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About the performance

When is the vultures performing?

What stage is the vultures on?

Tunuba Stage, on Quay Street. 

How much are tickets?

Entry to the Rockhampton River Festival is FREE.