Mira Chorik

Mira Chorik at Rockhampton River Festival

Artist, musician and songwriter Mira Chorik

We are often confronted by the thought of what we want to achieve in our life before our time is up.

Visitors to this year’s Rockhampton River Festival will have the chance to not only reflect on their own life aspirations but the ones of their fellow community members.

Along the Rockhampton riverbank will sit a giant blackboard for participates to contribute to as part of one of the most thought-provoking art workshops in the history of the river festival.

Bringing Candy Chang’s world-famous art installation “Before I die” to Rockhampton, artist Mira Chorik is set to leave a lasting impression on festival goers.

This collaborative art piece will reveal the power of reflecting on one’s own vulnerability as well as coming face to face with those around you.

As an experienced artist and an award-winning songwriter, Mira knows the value in reflecting on one’s past regrets, present experiences and future ambitions.

The festival will also be where Mira debuts one of her original art projects, The ‘Reflection Tree’ which will see participants add their reflections to the branches of a giant tree with the aim of encouraging conversation, exchanging perspectives and share stories.

By facilitating these spaces, Mira leaves it up to participants to see what will come of these art installations.

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Workshops at River Fest

Mira Chorik will offer two community art projects.