Capricornia Potters Group

Capricornia Potters Group will be a part of the Arts on the Fringe program for River Fest 2024 with an open studio, gallery display and wheel throwing demonstrations.

What does Capricornia Potters Group do? 

Capricornia Potters Group are a diverse bunch who like to get their hands dirty, challenge their creative minds but most importantly, have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Members enjoy regular clay working meetings, play days for experimenting with new equipment or techniques and outdoor social firing events. The experience of their members ranges from beginner to instructor and includes hand-building, wheel throwing, moulding, underglaze decorating, texture decorating and dip/pour glazing.


Rockhampton River Festival | Arts on the Fringe Program, Walter Reid Cultural Centre, Level 2, Room 5 (2.5)


Every Wednesday 10am – 12pm

Every Saturday 10am - 12pm

When will CAPRICORNIA POTTERS GROUP open during River Fest? 

Saturday 27 July: 10am - 2pm

Sunday 28 July: 10am – 2pm

WHEre can i learn more about CAPRICORNIA POTTERS GROUP?

Facebook | Website

How can I become a member of CAPRICORNIA POTTERS GROUP?

Email the group at for more information