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A selection of vintage clothing from Bryher Store

About Bryher Store

Bryher Store is a one-stop-shop for curated vintage and conscious Australian brands that lie at the intersection of gender inclusion and sustainability. The store was created in order to fill a void in our growing regional town, providing a platform for local artists and makers, as well as options in regards to clothing in the form of quality, comfortability and self-expression. With a focus on authentic vintage, Bryher Store emphasises the importance of quality, versatility and longevity in our clothing choices, encouraging mindful purchasing and the thoughtful curation of one’s wardrobe. We acknowledge that not only can this be an exciting personal style journey, but this concept also helps to shift the focus from trends and fast fashion to the desirability of long- lasting pieces, quality over quantity and a more sustainable future for fashion.

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Why you should support thrift it?

The option of fast fashion may be the only one for many (thanks to increasing cost of living), but what if instead we reminded ourselves that fashion trends and personal style can be achieved in more ethical and exciting ways?

Thankfully, the world is a changing and ripples of change are apparent in our immediate surroundings. Bryher is thrilled to be a part of this year's Thift It market - to be a part of something that not only celebrates thrifted vintage goods but also reinforces the message that positive change takes community coming together in order to move toward a bigger picture. I'm also very excited that this market encourages self-expression and the development of one's personal style by collecting pre-loved pieces that will stand the test of time.