Wilma La

“The world doesn’t need more women who traded their dreams for daydrinking on the back porch in suburbia. It needs more women who embraced the downsides of life, and alchemised them into superpowers. Wait, let me write a soundtrack for that!”

Oozing an untampered with authenticity and joie de vivre, WĪLMA LĀ is an alchemist of cross-cultural inspiration. Born in Lithuania, she always felt like an outsider, and claimed her true spirit to be American. Learning from the jazz giants since an early age, classical music studies and daily grind of a resident cover band in Dubai shaped the artist’s sonic diversity. WĪLMA LĀ rides across genres with great freedom and curiosity. Today her Retro-futuristic upbeat soundscapes and rich vocals are countered with neo soul piano vibes, native rhythms, and infused with subtle elements of sound healing.

Between her home studio on the Great Barrier Reef, various Byron Bay studios & Airlock in Brisbane, WĪLMA LĀ is wrapping up her third studio album STATE OF LOVE. This enlightened Rock’n’Roll time capsule is the artist’s expression of a breakup album that challenges the stereotypical themes. Celebrating the relationship that was, exploring love languages as frequencies, and transcending pain so we can love again are just a few highlights. Teaming up with co-producer Paul Pilsneniks for the second album, and a statement all-women’s track with Emily Hopley, WĪLMA LĀ solidified her direction as a lead producer on this record.