Activities at Walter Reid

Discover Your Creativity at Our Walter Reid Workshops

Delve into the world of creativity with our exciting lineup of workshops designed for all ages and skill levels at the Walter Reid Cultural Centre.

Walter Reid Cultural Centre workshop highlights:

Screen Printing: Unleash your inner artist as you witness the art of screen printing where the Capricornia Printmakers will be creating tote bags and cards with the unique designs inspired by our 10 year anniversary celebration.

Together We Create Bunting Project: Craft colourful flags to celebrate our vibrant community and what you love about Rockhampton.

Quiet Zone Retreat: Step into serenity with our quiet zone, offering moments of calm amidst the festival buzz. Relax, meditate, or simply enjoy the peacefulness of the room

Paper Mosaic: Dive into the world of paper mosaic art. Piece together intricate designs using colourful paper to create stunning works of art.

Don't miss out – join us at the Walter Reid Cultural Centre and let your creativity flow!