Thrift It Market

In a move to address the fast fashion crisis, we're thrilled to unveil River Festival's inaugural sustainable marketplace – Thrift It.

Thrift It encourages mindful consumer habits, urging everyone to think about the origins and destiny of their belongings. It's time to celebrate not just the goods but also the good-will in making sustainable choices.

We can't wait to discover some hidden fashion treasures at Thrift It as part of the Artist Collective Zone on Sunday 28 July, 10am - 6pm. 

Together, let's make a positive impact—one pre-loved piece at a time!

A small selection of sustainable businesses will be featured as part of Thrift It alongside community stallholders. Here's a preview of who you will discover in Thrift It. 


We have been inundated with applications from the community and all sites are now filled.

We hope you discover some pre-loved treasures at Thrift It on Sunday 28 July at River Festival.