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A journey of introspection and creativity awaits audiences when Poetic Chaos comes to the Shipyard Stage at the Rockhampton River Festival 2024 on Sunday, July 28th.

Formed from the serendipitous meeting of Jade Schuck and Clara Satzke, Poetic Chaos delves into the complexities of navigating one's twenties, capturing the essence of conflicting emotions and uncertainties.

With their debut album released in 2023 and a successful East Coast tour under their belt, Poetic Chaos brings soft acoustic melodies and hypnotizing harmonies to challenge untouched thoughts and emotions.

Don't miss the chance to experience the raw authenticity of Poetic Chaos as they weave their poetic tales on stage, inviting audiences to explore the depths of their own minds through music.

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About the performance

When is poetic chaos performing?

What stage is poetic chaos on?

Shipyard Stage, on Quay Street.

How much are tickets?

Entry to the Rockhampton River Festival is FREE.