UnitePlayPerform: Build and Destroy

29 June – 26 July 2024

Various locations in RMOA | Free

'Hyper Temples' is described by Offerings (the artist, Melissa Gilbert) as a 'living, breathing series of tactile object-works that will morph shape and move' to unexpected locations throughout RMOA during the exhibition period. In this installation, Offerings references Jungian archetypes and breathwork; the form of each object beginning ‘with an intention, a mindful breath, and a letting go as I brought their shapes into being with paper and scissors. In turn, their glorious colours attune with a broader spectral palette.’

Following the artist’s initial placement, audiences will be invited to participate in ceremonial activations and iterative movements to break down and then build up this multi-part sculpture anew. The work’s colours and dynamic form encourage childlike wonder, pedagogical play, and even radical self-expression. Just as ‘Hyper Temples’ changes, Offerings welcomes participants to engage in new movements, conversation, new community connections and a reconstruction of the self.