Reflection Tree Installation

The Reflection Tree at Rockhampton River Festival

This community arts project will encourage meaningful conversation, community bonding and the exchanging of perspectives. Festival-goers will write their thoughts, goals or expressions of gratitude onto a card that will be hung from the branches of the Reflection Trees, with each card blossoming into a broader conversation and opportunity for shared storytelling.

  1. Appreciation Tree (reflections on community, appreciation of specific people and their role in your life)
  2. Gratitude Tree (reflections on personal achievement over the past year)
  3. Future Dreaming Tree (reflections on your dreams and goals for the future)

The reflection tree installations are set to enrich the overall experience of the River Festival, symbolising this year’s focus of reflection and leaving a lasting impression on participants long after the event.

Where will the Reflection Trees be?

Anyone will be able to participate in the Reflection Trees for free on the riverside between Rod Laver Plaza and the Fitzroy Adventure Playground.