The Delta Riggs

The Delta Riggs - Rockhampton River Festival, Saturday night 29 July 2023
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Rockhampton, it's time to feel the ground shake and let loose! Brace yourselves as The Delta Riggs make their triumphant return to Rocky on Saturday, 29th July at the Rockhampton River Festival. Get ready to witness an explosive performance filled with their signature energy and mind-bending compositions that have redefined the very essence of rock 'n' roll.

Rockhampton, it's been a long time, but we're coming for ya! Can't wait to migrate north for winter and give the people of Rocky what's going to be a stunner of a show. See ya soon!

Fresh off the back of their sold out Australian Modern Pressure tour, the bands critically acclaimed 4th album, the Riggs charged into 2020 supporting a widespread New Zealand Arena tour, to return to Australia and join Billy Idol at the Australian Open and across the country for a slew of arena shows. The momentum was exciting but this was all to come crashing down due to the new normal - Covid-19.

For many artists this was an opportunity to perform acoustic songs on Instagram. The Riggs however, pivoted into studio mode releasing a full length Dub re-imagining of Active Galactic, a live studio EP entitled Live At The Aviary with accompanying live studio footage showcasing their prowess as studio musicians.

Half of the band also split off during the downtime working with Producer Scott Horscroft and acted as the rhythm section for the forthcoming debut from Hayley Mary album and Adelaide artist ALLDAY as lead singer Elliott Hammond released his first solo project under Drac Hammond.

Now the curtains have lifted and The Riggs can return to the stage! Promising to deliver their high energy, enchanting disco fuelled form of ‘Brit-Hop’ and fan favourites from across all releases, back to a more intimate setting for some surprises. These are shows that will guarantee to put a smile back on your face and beer spilt on your shoes. Don’t miss possibly the greatest Rock & Roll show of this year at Rockhampton River Festival.

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What stage will The Delta Riggs be on?

Tunuba Stage, on Quay Street. Find the Tunuba Stage on Google Maps.

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Entry to the Rockhampton River Festival is FREE.

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