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The Stone Apes will be anything but stone cold when they headline the Tunuba Stage at the Rockhampton River Festival 2024 on Saturday, July 27th!

The Stone Apes effortlessly bridge the gap between tropical guitar riffs and a hard-hitting rhythm section, captivating audiences wherever they perform.

Frontman Jye Kennedy's powerful vocal performance, coupled with his ability to freestyle songs on the spot, means that every show is a bespoke performance! Their irrepressible sound has garnered a dedicated following already.

Comprising Jye Kennedy on vocals, Graydon Kennedy and Jeremy Titmarsh on guitars, Nick Hooper on drums, and Ben Thistlethwaite on bass, The Stone Apes began their journey in late 2020, recording music in their parents' old caravan during the COVID pandemic.

Since then, their debut single 'Nuclear Summer' has amassed over 40,000 streams, leading to the release of their debut EP 'Strange Colours' and earning premieres on Triple J's 'Home & Hosed'.


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About the performance

When is the stone apes performing?

What stage is the stone apes on?

Tunuba Stage, on Quay Street.

How much are tickets?

Entry to the Rockhampton River Festival is FREE.